Bio of Elise Besler ~ truth (album)

We are all truth seekers. Whether we want to speak it or feel it, both rest in the act of living our 
own truth. Making the decision to share these truths with the rest of the world is a brave and 
bold endeavor, often met with scrutiny and skepticism. But it is the artists that find a way to 
connect with others using their honesty in both word and sound that leave a lasting impression. 
Indeed, the very act of sharing allows us to uncover more about ourselves than we could have 
ever imagined. 

For Elise Besler, the journey of digging and uncovering has been forever cemented in her album 
“Truth”. A shift in content and sentiment from her previous ECMA and MNS award nominated 
EP, the soulful collection puts Besler’s powerful voice in the spotlight. A reflection on a life-long 
journey of learning, the 8-track album shares stories of struggle and triumph all while staying 
true to Besler’s love for memorable melodies and catchy choruses. There is no doubt that the 
Nova-Scotian artist has found her place among the real and the raw. 

But as we all know, it isn’t easy to share the imperfect sides of our lives. Growing up listening to 
songwriters like Annie Lennox and Simon and Garfunkle and vocalists like Whitney Houston and 
Aretha Franklin, Besler Elise looked at truth telling as something she simply couldn’t do. As she 
began writing her own music and performing, she found herself placing an optimistic filter on 
things, a filter that started to feel heavy. 

“The truth is gross sometimes” says Elise, “but honesty is liberating”. We have an astounding 
ability to see through the fake and fraud and celebrate the genuine, even at its most painful. 
With “Truth”, you can hear these moments both in the lyrics and vocals, but also in the 
instrumentation of each song. A bluesy, soulful throwback, with everything in its right place, 
you can’t help but feel your pulse rise, and your heart wrench. 

Elise credits ECMA award-winning producer Erin Costelo for bridging the gap between where 
she is and where she wants to be. “She gave me the opportunity to reflect internally and say 
what I meant to say, while embracing the parts of myself I had previously neglected in my 
writing.” The process focussed heavily on the art of song-writing, and meant letting go of pre- 
conceived notions of right and wrong, good and bad. Having Costelo involved in the process 
was the perfect compass. It was a refreshing mentorship and exactly what Elise needed to 
break through her shell. The result is a sonic translation from the heart. 

The album is something Elise hopes others can resonate with, particularly women. There should 
be no age limit on having dreams and taking steps towards them, no matter how daunting they 
may seem. Songs like “Asking Why” and “Never Learn” speak directly to the universal conflict 
we all encounter within ourselves, while “Lion” and “Like No Other” offer an inspiring and 
fulfilling outlook for anyone in need of a spiritual and mental boost. 

Truth fuses all the pieces that make up Besler’s past, present and luminous future. It represents 
the moment of recognition: that authenticity can go a long way, and honesty speaks much 
louder than perfection. To Elise, Truth is a product of what can arise when you spend the time 
and energy asking tough questions and looking inward. It is the transcript of her own journey to 
truth. To the rest of us, it may be a stepping stone in our own journey.

Truth Release: May 18th, 2018